How to use hemp oil for the hair

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Many people have already started to use hemp oil to achieve healthy, bouncy hair. It helps with blood circulation, which improves hair growth and stimulates your hair follicles.

Here is more information on how to use hemp oil for hair and more about the benefits of doing so. Let’s dive right in to find out more!

Incorporate hemp seed oil in your hair products

The best part of hemp seed oil is that it does not have any side effects, and it is highly versatile. You can purchase a hemp oil product and mix it with your shampoo and conditioner for ease of use. Another option would be to purchase hemp shampoo and conditioner, although buying hemp oil separately might hold other uses as well.

The advantages of hemp oil products are that they are often enriched with other nourishing natural ingredients, such as shea butter, vitamins, lipids, and fatty acids. For optimal results, however, hemp oil can do the job on its own, just as well.

Another tricky part of these hair products is that some of them only contain minimal amounts of hemp oil, and the rest of the ingredients act as fillers. Once you buy your own 100% natural hemp oil, you know exactly what went in it.

Make your own hair products

You can make creative hair masks with hemp oil and other nutritious ingredients to revitalize your hair. Here are some ideas based on different hair types:

As a remedy for thin hair

If you have thin, lifeless hair, we recommend a mask with hemp oil and banana. The vitamins A and C in the banana will give your hair a silky feel, while the proteins in hemp oil will strengthen and improve hair growth.

In order to make a banana and hemp oil mask, mix an overripe banana with three tablespoons of hemp oil until smooth and creamy. You may use a blender to achieve this consistency.

Apply the mask on your scalp, covering all the roots, either by hand or using a toothbrush. Leave the mask on for approximately 15 minutes and rinse your hair with clean water.

As a remedy for dry, damaged hair

If your hair is dry due to excessive use of hair products or coloring, an avocado and hemp oil mask will help restore its health by providing your scalp and hair with plenty of proteins, vitamin B6, vitamin E, and iron. Your scalp and hair will efficiently absorb the abundant nutrients in avocado due to the fast-absorption properties of hemp oil.

All you need to breathe life into your dry hair is three tablespoons of a small ripe avocado and. Mix them together and apply on your scalp. Wait for 30 minutes and rinse your hair.

Another natural hair mask is a mix of honey and hemp oil. If you have dry, damaged hair, honey will help you restore its health through its ability to retain moisture, antioxidants, and its regenerative properties. Make sure you rinse properly, otherwise the honey will make your hair extremely sticky.

Mix four tablespoons of hemp oil with two tablespoons of honey. Make sure you comb or brush your hair before applying this mask, due to the stickiness of the honey. Apply the mask on all your roots, working your way to the tips. Wait for 20 minutes and rinse your hair thoroughly.

Hemp oil remedies for dandruff and tangles

If you have curly hair or hair which often gets tangled, this mask will be your savior. All you need to do is mix equal quantities of hemp oil with coconut oil in a bowl, comb your hair slightly (as much as possible) and apply it generously on your scalp. Massage it thoroughly and leave the oils to act overnight. In the morning, rinse your hair.

Hemp oil remedies for split ends and breakages

Split ends are not only unappealing but it is also difficult to prevent them or get rid of them. Often, split hairs break very easily, and it will take you to a long road of thinning, faded hair. All you need to do is strengthen your hair, nourish it and provide your hair with all nutrients. It sounds complicated, doesn’t it?

Mix olive oil with hemp oil to get a mixture rich in nourishing omega 3, omega 6, omega 9. For extra benefits, add some almond oil, which comes with vitamin E, a significant contributor towards split ends when lacking. Mix equal amounts of all these three oils and massage them on your scalp for a minimum of five minutes. Leave this mixture overnight and shampoo it in the morning.

Use hemp oil as it is

Another simple method is to use hemp oil on your hair. All you need to do is ensure that your hair is dry. You might want to brush it or comb it to remove any tangles. Apply a tablespoon of hemp oil on the scalp and roots, moving towards the tips.

Use your fingers to massage your head thoroughly, which will help the oil be absorbed by your skin and stimulate the scalp’s blood circulation. It is recommended to leave it on your hair overnight or a minimum of half an hour.

Additionally, some people choose to ingest hemp seed oil, which is just as efficient. Whether you want to cook with it or have it as it is, hemp seed oil can do magic for your skin and hair.

Wrapping up

Hemp oil has major benefits for your hair, whether it is mixed in a concoction or used as it is. Many studies document its health benefits and hair and scalp are no exception. Having a high-quality 100% natural, organic, cold-pressed hemp oil can relieve all skin conditions, not only dandruff, hair falling out, and thinning hair.

Make sure you use it consistently over a long period of time to see the best results – there is no magic, only nature’s charm!

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