Best Hemp Oil for Anxiety of 2019 – Complete Reviews with Comparisons

The best hemp oil for anxiety can come in many forms. It can be hemp seed oil or it can just be full-spectrum hemp oil with or without CBD. With CBD regulations still iffy in most states, going with pure hemp seed oil tinctures is a safe bet.

Check out five of the best hemp oil products on the market that can be purchased in all 50 states and give your anxiety a run for its money while also providing you with some extra nutrients on a daily basis.

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Hemp Oil Extract for Pain & Stress Relief – 1000mg of Organic Hemp Extract – Grown & Made in USA – 100% Natural Hemp Drops – Helps with Sleep, Skin & Hair

Hemp Oil Extract | Pain, Anxiety & Stress Relief | Grown & Made in USA | Anti-Inflammatory & Joint Support | 100% Natural

Hemp Oil Premium 500mg 60ml (2oz) | Natural Pain Reliever, Minimizes Epileptic Seizures, Cure for Anxiety

Peppermint 2500mg Hemp Oil for Pain Relief, Stress Support, Anti Anxiety, Sleep Supplements.

Best Hemp Oils for Anxiety Reviews

New Age Premium Hemp Oil

Based in Arizona, this hemp company strives to bring you pure, premium products at a reasonable price. New Age Premium Hemp Oil can make getting to sleep a little easier as well as getting a deeper sleep while waking up feeling more refreshed. 


For some the ability to easily drift off into sleep is challenging. With the hectic pace of the modern world, these folks have a hard time turning off their brains long enough to let sleep overtake them. With this easy to dose formula from New Age, you won’t have to worry about that or that killer hangover some of those over the counter sleep aids leave you with. 

Stress and anxiety can worsen pain, like wise chronic pain can aggravate our stress response and anxiety. New Age hemp oil can positively effect the outcome of both pain and anxiety which is great to have in one product. This is a pure hemp formula with no other ingredients, allowing you dose accordingly to you symptoms and personal needs. 

Though one drawback…the taste is a bit off-putting. However mixing with your favourite drink is a good way to hide the taste. Though if you can get that shut-eye does a few seconds of bad taste really matter!


  • check
    Made in the USA and certified 100% organic and pure. No fillers, pesticides or herbicides.
  • check
    Loaded with healthy fatty acids Omega 3, 6, & 9.


  • Taste isn’t appealing

New Gradient Hemp Oil Extract

New Gradient is a company that has set a course to embrace the gifts of healing present in the very nature surrounding us to improve your way of life. By considering the plethora of benefits that have been proven to be held within the hemp seed they have crafted a hemp oil that does just that.


This hemp oil extract brings with it features and benefits that have recently begun to be embraced and used to treat a wide range of ailments both mental and physical. Efficiency is key when beginning the extraction process and the New Gradient has managed to do this by using one of the best methods possible.

Plus, through maintaining their integrity, this hemp oil extract is non-GMO and all organic. With a rich vitamin content (A, B, C, & E) plus its Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, the New Gradient Hemp Oil extract is a quality and effective tool to help with a wide range of problems.

This formula is fast-acting and that is great when you are in pain or completely stressed out. Its rapid response is, in fact, the best thing about this hemp oil. Time and time again in the reviews you read that is the one thing that its consumers seem to be shouting from the rooftops. The intensely vitamin-rich and Omega fatty acids packed hemp oil stored in this little bottle along with the process by which New Gradient has extracted this oil has made a highly potent product.

Though if you are looking for a pleasantly flavorful experience you may be waiting a long time. Many users complain that the taste is a little less than fantastic.


  • check
  • check
  • check
    Packed with Omega 3 & 6
  • Non-GMO


  • Strange taste

Chiyu Labs Hemp Oil Premium

With the Japanese for healing right in their name, you know that Chiyu Labs is going to bring you quality products that will enhance your health and life. That is evident when you look at the products, they offer the consumer including this premium hemp oil.


This Hemp Oil Premium from Chiyu Labs has an enhanced formula and that means all the benefits you would normally get from using this hemp oil are magnified. These benefits and features include:

  • Enhanced Omega fatty acid ratio (3:1)
  • Elevated GLA for better hormone balance
  • Formula contains double the quantity of hemp oil isolate
  • Versatility of use (both human & animal)

This may be the best hemp oil on the market as you will be hard-pressed to find anything negative said about it. You will, however, hear rave reviews about the taste which is rare when dealing with hemp is. Usually, you will hear the praises of the effects with a little disclosure that you need to add it into some other liquid to hide the taste, but not with this formula from Chiyu Labs.

This hemp oil is almost completely tasteless and odorless which will make it much easier to swallow. Then when you look at the level of care it went into crafting a formula that has two times the hemp oil isolate as most of it competition you can see why this hemp oil is such a popular choice to help deal with your (and your pets) health issues whether they are physical or mental.


  • check
    3:1 ratio Omega-6 and 3 Fatty Acids
  • Contains GLA
  • check
    x2 amount of hemp oil isolate
  • Good for pets and humans
  • check
    FDA approved


  • No cons reported

Adventure Hemp Peppermint Hemp Oil

Adventure Hemp crafts their products with love and dedication which show. With this Peppermint hemp oil, you will get all the benefits without that nasty taste associated with many other hemp oils.


If you are looking to drift off to sleep or manage pain from physical exertion more effectively and naturally, then this hemp oil extract is a great choice. You get a formula that utilizes a mixture of oils and extracts to craft the perfectly effective health aide. It is fast-acting and when you are in pain or trying to get that precious sleep before that big anxiety-riddled event you have the next day that is exactly what you need.

Plus, it doesn’t cause you to need a glass of water handy to wash the incredibly bitter taste that most hemp oils have because it is fortified with peppermint and a slight lemon flavor. Laden with all the intrinsic properties of the hemp seed you can bet on a vitamin heavy, omega fatty acids rich formula that will make your life a little less stressful and painful.

Now like with all things there is one simple drawback. This formula although 100% organic does not have a base solely constructed of hemp oil. In fact, there are several filler oils such as coconut and sunflower oils. This means that although the formula is highly effective it may not be as effective as some other oils that contain only hemp oil.


  • check
    Taste is great
  • Fast acting
  • Peppermint flavor


  • Not 100% hemp oil


If there’s a best hemp oil for anxiety award to give to any product, the award would likely go to the New Gradient Hemp oil extract. The concentration and fast acting formula is enough for a supplement and enough to get most of the medicinal properties of managing anxiety and stress. The added value of the vitamin content (A, B, C, & E) is also good if you want only the best from your supplements.

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