Nutiva Hemp Oil Review

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  • Cold-pressed
  • Great flavor
  • Good EFA ratio


  • No CBD content

In the past few years, holistic medicine has been becoming more popular when it comes to treating certain illnesses and conditions. With it, numerous products which were not widely available or accepted before are now becoming legal and sold around the world.

Among them is CBD oil which is said to have multiple benefits. There is also one other particular product from a different variety of the same Cannabis sativa plant which is used by millions of people daily.

While not that focused on the mental health benefits. This hemp seed oil comes with a number of other health advantages and can be a great addition to your kitchen pantry. Derived from the seeds of the hemp plant and with no or little CBD or THC oil content. So using it is perfectly legal and safe, and is as such, commonly used around the globe. 

Still, not every product of this kind is of high quality or worth its price. There are certain things you need to consider in order to ensure and reap the potential benefits. Bearing this in mind, we did some research and found that the Nutiva Hemp Oil stands as potentially one of the best choices on the market.

Nutiva Hemp Oil Review

The 24-ounce bottle of Nutiva Hemp Oil may change the way you think about cooking and salad dressings. It is a product made by a company that has been around for over two decades. Making a huge impact on the way we see food and ingredients. This oil can be used daily.

By investing in this product, you will receive a number of benefits ranging from anti-inflammatory properties and muscle relaxation to tasty dressings and spiced sauces.

The best thing about it? It comes at a reasonable price, bearing in mind that we are talking about organic cold-pressed hemp oil and not some mass-produced, refined one. Thus, for anyone aware of the benefits or who is interested in the concept of using hemp oil, this product is one thing to be considered.

What Is This Product For?

As we have mentioned, this product is ideal for any enthusiast who enjoys using holistic hemp-derived products which do not contain THC or CBD in them. Also, if you take your health seriously and you often suffer from inflammation or muscle tension, this oil may play a critical role in treating such conditions.

Due to the fair price, it is a product accessible to everyone and the bottle may well last you more than a month or two depending on how much you use it. Thus, whether you are an athlete, fitness enthusiast, a home cook, or you simply enjoy trying out new products of this kind, the Nutiva Hemp Oil is a great choice.

What’s Included?

To make this Nutiva Hemp Oil review detailed enough, we have to highlight what comes in the package. You will get nothing more than the 24-ounce bottle of cold-pressed hemp oil which is carefully extracted from the hemp plant (seeds) grown organically by Canadian farmers. 

Overview of Features

A number of critical points make this product worthy of your attention. First, is the brand that stands behind it; Nutiva has been around on the market for around 20 years, so it is safe to say that their hemp oil is one of the best out there. They have quite a history in revolutionizing the food industry when it comes to hemp-derived products.

The bottle that the Nutiva Hemp Oil comes in is compact and has a great and innovative design which will look cool whether you store it in your fridge or in a pantry (before opened). It is BPA-free and doesn’t contain any harmful compounds which may affect your health.

When it comes to the oil in the bottle, there are a few things that we want to highlight. Apart from the fact that it is cold-pressed oil and comes from organically grown Cannabis sativa seeds, we have to say that it is compatible with everyone, no matter what diet regime you are in. Whether you are invested in paleo, keto, vegan, or a regular omnivore diet, this hemp seed oil will be a great addition.

The main reason why hemp oil is advertised as healthy is due to the abundance of essential fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6), and this product achieved that. They stand at a perfect 3:1 ratio, which means that a few tablespoons of this oil in dressing, sauce, and more will work like a charm.

Naturally extracted and grown, this oil complies with all the non-GMO and USDA standards. Bearing all this in mind, it is safe to say that hemp oil of this type is recommended to be used by people of all ages and genders.

How to Use It

You can use this hemp oil in a number of ways. If you don’t want to take it by the tablespoon since you don’t like the taste or the smell, you can make it a part of a sauce or a dressing. As it is cold-pressed, we don’t recommend that you use it for frying or put it under hot temperatures. But everything other than that is perfectly fine. 


If you prefer to buy a smaller bottle of hemp oil due to budget concerns or you want to try it out first, the Sweet Essentials Hemp Seed Oil is a good choice. It contains cold-pressed hemp seed oil which is vegan-friendly. The bottle used is also BPA-free.

The product is available in two and four ounces for hemp oil packaged in a plastic bottle. For glass bottles, you can choose between four, eight, and 16 ounces. 


Investing in hemp seed oil is a smart decision if you want to improve your cooking game. You can make tastier dressings and if you suffer from any inflammatory conditions this will be a benefit.

Summing up this Nutiva Hemp Oil review, while the product doesn’t have too much CBD, the Nutiva Hemp Oil has a number of health benefits related to skin health and relaxation.

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