Hemp Oil Roll On Stress Relief Review

Quick Overview





  • Non greasy formula
  • Nice relaxing smell
  • Convenient Size 


  • External Use Only

Stress relief and relaxation is an important strategy for improving your overall health. Hemp oil is an essential oil known for its stress relief benefits. In a day and age where the world moves at a quick pace, our stress, anxiety and insomnia levels are at an all time high. Poor sleep can also cause physical and mental health issues that will be a detriment to your everyday life. So how do you make sure that you allow your proper circadian rhythm time to do its thing and chill out?

In recent years, more treatments have become available that are an all-natural way to help you get those forty winks in. With the natural properties imbued to hemp oil and other essential oils you can help your body rest and relax and one of the best options available is the Jasmine’s Herb Garden Roll-on Stress Relief Essential Oil Blend. So, in this review, we are going to take a dive into just why this might be the right choice for stress relief strategy.

Jasmine’s Herb Gardens Stress Relief

A Wyoming-based company that is determined to bring you the best all-natural and carefully crafted products. Jasmine’s Herb Gardens Roll-on Stress Relief is an essential oil blend that comes in a convenient roll-on applicator. 

Who is this Product For?

This blend is designed specifically for people who are dealing with stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia or trouble getting to sleep. It can help you ease you mind and slow down your thoughts so your not over thinking things. Designed with additional essential oils that have been known to help with stress and anxiety this formula is all-natural and allows the user to get stress relief at any time of the day. 

What’s Included?

  • When you purchase the Jasmine’s Herb Gardens Stress Relief you will get:
  • 30mL Roll-on Applicator Bottle (9cm high)

Overview of Features

This formula from Jasmine’s Herb Gardens combines different essential oils mixed with a hemp seed oil base that gives you a wonderfully smelling non greasy oil to apply externally to area of the skin.

  • Crafted with a blend of all-natural essential oils (Sweet Orange, Coriander, Cedar Wood and Lime)
  • Formula base is hemp seed oil (no filler oils)
  • External use only, creates a wonderful aroma. 
  • Roll-on applicator  for easy use through out the day. 

How to Use

Make sure you shake well before every use. Use the roll-on applicator to apply to the neck, temples, wrist or chest and breath deeply. Re-apply as necessary through out the day.  


Adventure Hemp Peppermint Hemp Oil

Taste can be a big deterrent when you are having to ingest this stuff daily and though you may get used to the taste why should you have to. If the bitter taste that comes with the hemp oil above is a deal-breaker for you then maybe checking out the Adventure Hemp Peppermint Hemp Oil could be a way to deal with that. Dedicated to bringing you amazing all-natural products the team at Adventure Hemp as crafted a formula free of that awful taste.

With this alternative, you get a formula that utilizes a mixture of oils and extracts that gets to the crux of the situation quickly. When you are in pain or trying to get that very important night of rest before that big event that your brain just won’t stop thinking about that is exactly what you want your hemp oil to do. It doesn’t hurt that you do not have the urge to gag when it hits those very sensitive taste buds either.

Fortified with peppermint and lemon flavors the team at Adventure Hemp has answered all our calls by giving us a great tasting, healthy alternative to the sleep and pain aids available on the market today.

Though you take the good with the bad and with this formula there is only one drawback to note. This formula is crafted using several filler oils like sunflower or coconut and so it is not 100% hemp oil-based.


  • Taste
  • Fast Acting


  • Not 100% hemp oil
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