Can Hemp Oil Make You Fail Drug Test?

Like it or not, many job applicants are required to take drug tests. It is mandatory for government employees but some private companies as well. Below we discuss whether hemp oil can make you fail a drug test.

Hemp oil has been dubbed the super supplement because it’s rich in essential fatty acids, minerals, and vitamin E. Plus, this oil is known to help with a variety of conditions, including cardiovascular disease, skin disorders, and menopause symptoms.

In general, there is almost no risk of failing a drug test from using hemp oil. Most of these oils don’t contain any cannabinoids (CBD, which means no THC), so you don’t need to worry about the drug test. Still, it would make sense to know more about the oil to be absolutely sure.

What is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil, also known as hemp seed oil, comes from industrial hemp, a strain of Cannabis sativa. The plant itself contains very low levels of THC and relatively high levels of CBD. But hemp oil is obtained from industrial hemp seeds which contain even lower amounts of all cannabinoids.

The producers use the cold press method to extract the oil from hemp seeds. The process involves removing the outer husk and de-shelling, before chilling and squeezing what’s remained to get the extract. The dark green oil is not refined and features a full profile of bioactive compounds and nutrients.

More importantly, the final product doesn’t contain any cannabinoids and is not psychoactive. This you can be sure of as the manufacturers want to sell the oil in all 50 states. It’s like get a G rating for a moving versus NC-17. You are certain to make more sales.

Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil

Both types of oil are derived from industrial hemp, but they shouldn’t be confused. Unlike hemp oil, CBD oil is extracted from the stalk, leaves, and flowers of the plant. It contains cannabinoids and might cause you to fail a drug test – this would depend on the level of THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid.

In fact, CBD oil is behind the wave of marijuana legalization in the US. The various CBD compounds have medicinal purposes but not THC, which is only for getting high. Many opponents of marijuana legalization have accused the proponents for using the medicinal properties of CBDs to push marijuana through, when you really don’t use marijuana to treat diseases – you only need CBD oil.

CBD oil a potent antioxidant, pain reliever, and anti-inflammatory agent.

But, can hemp oil make you fail drug tests?

Hemp oil and Drug Tests

The common urine screening utilizes an immunoassay with antibodies that confirm the presence of THC and other banned substances.

The test looks for 11-nor-delta9-carboxy-THC (THC-COOH), which is one of the main THC metabolites. The threshold amount is 50ng/mL of THC, over which the test will show positive. To make sure that it’s not a false positive, the lab will use a gas chromography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) test to confirm the results.

Professionally done drug test samples are always split into A and B samples. If you test positive, you can request the lab to test your B sample. If the lab happens to lose your B sample, they will not be able to confirm the positive. By rule, they will have to give you a passing grade.

Important Notes

In theory, people who consume between 1,000 and 2,000mg of hemp oil every day might fail the first urine tests. These are very rare cases and they indicate a false positive if certain non-THC metabolites trigger the immunoassay reaction. However, the following GC/MS test is going to be negative.

When all is said and done, you need to source high-quality hemp oil and stick to the recommended intake. This way it is highly unlikely to fail a drug test.

Correct Dosage

Hemp oil can be used orally or topically. For topical use, apply a generous amount of oil directly onto the affected area a few times a day.

When it comes to oral use, one or two tablespoons a day are enough to help inflammations, digestion, and heart health. The dosage may vary depending on your age, weight, and exact medical condition.

fail a drug test from hemp oil?

The bottom line is that there is no risk of failing a drug test as long as the hemp oil doesn’t contain any THC or CBD. Even if there are some cannabinoids in the oil, the concentration is far below the amount required for you to test positive.

The important thing is to find a reliable full-spectrum hemp oil and follow the recommended dose. And if you are not sure about the application or dosage,  consult your physician.

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