Best Hemp Oil Cream of 2020 – Reviews with Comparison

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Products derived from the hemp plant (cannabis) have become more and more popular. They are well known for numerous health benefits, whether they are applied topically or ingested. Hemp oil creams are lotions that help with skin conditions or to relieve pain and aches.

A hemp oil cream is a topical lotion that is infused with hemp seed oil, and numerous studies have shown that the best hemp oil creams can help with skin conditions and inflammation associated with arthritis. So let’s take a look at some of the top options on the market.

Comparison Chart

Hemp Pain Relief Cream- 2,500,000 Made in USA Lab Tested Hemp Oil Formula for Arthritis, Back, Knee, Joint, Nerve & Muscle Pain, Inflammation with Natural Peppermint Oil, Arnica Extract & Aloe 2oz
Hemp Cream – Pain Relief Cream – 1,300,000 – Natural Hemp Cream for Arthritis, Muscle Pain Relief – Made in USA – Hemp Oil Extract with MSM – 3.4OZ
Hemp Cream Pain Relief 1500 mg – Arthritis Pain Cream, Back Pain, Joint Pain Relief Cream Efficient Inflammation Cream- 2oz – Made in USA

Best Hemp Oil Cream Reviews

Hemprich Body Cream

This hemp oil cream is a topical body lotion with a quick-absorbing formula that relieves pain and reduces inflammation. It is ideal for applications on the back, knees, and neck and soothes sore joints and muscles.

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Hemprich Review

Hemprich Body Cream is a hemp-based product with a concentration of 10,000mg hemp oil and other 100% natural ingredients. It does not contain any THC (psychoactive effects), and it is used for knee pain, sciatic nerve pain, ankle pain, muscle pain, and inflammation.

The cream has a thick consistency, but it is spreadable and easy to apply on the affected area. It has a slight menthol scent, which is not strong enough for others to notice but has an immediate relieving effect when it is applied to the skin.

What is more, since it contains all-natural products, you don’t need to worry about any side effects, which makes it more convenient and healthier than over-the-counter medication, including pain killers.

All you need to do is rub a bead of the cream on the sore area, and the pain will fade away in a matter of seconds or minutes, depending on the severity. It can be applied 3-4 times a day, as necessary.

Hemprich Pros
  • Quick absorbing formula
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Eases inflammation
  • Eliminates muscle and joint pain
  • Slight menthol scent
  • Immediate cooling sensation
  • 100% natural ingredients (eco-friendly)
Hemprich Cons
  • Quite expensive
  • Small container (4 oz)

Haley Organics Hemp Cream

This product is made with 80,000 mg of hemp oil, and it is very efficient and potent in relieving chronic pain. It also contains arnica extract which heals bruises, castor oil with anti-inflammatory properties, and calendula which reduces swelling.

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Haley Organics Review

Haley Organics is a cream with a high concentration of hemp oil and 100% natural ingredients to speed up pain relief and promote quicker healing, It is suitable for medium budgets, and it comes in a pump dispenser of 3.4 oz or 100 ml.

It can be used topically on any sore area, including the back, neck, knees, ankles, wrists, and others. It is safe, free of side effects, and contains numerous other natural ingredients, such as arnica, castor oil, and calendula, which promote a quick recovery.

Additionally, this hemp oil cream has a relaxing menthol effect, which provides instant pain relief. It is ideal for both acute and chronic pains, arthritis, recovery after accidents or surgery, and many other situations. The high concentration of hemp oil in this product makes it suitable for relieving even extreme pain and offers long-term relief.

The texture of the cream is smooth and spreadable, but not oily and greasy. It is quickly absorbed by the skin and gives instant pain and ache relief. The product does not contain any artificial colors or fragrances, and it is non-GMO and eco-friendly.

Haley Organics Pros
  • A high concentration of 80,000mg hemp oil
  • Suitable for medium budgets
  • 100% natural products
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Instant, long-term relief
  • Cooling sensation
  • Not oily or greasy
Haley Oraganics Cons
  • The dispenser is poorly designed

Stockyfy Hemp Cream

Stockyfy Hemp Cream is a highly affordable CBD cream with a lower hemp oil concentration for less intense conditions. The essential natural ingredients work efficiently towards relieving pain and swelling, and it has no side-effects.

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Stockyfy Review

If you are looking for an affordable, quick pain reliever for lighter pain, Stockyfy comes with a 1,500mg hemp oil concentration cream which is highly affordable, but as efficient as any other. It targets pain quickly and penetrates the skin easily due to its spreadable consistency. It is a non-greasy formula that provides long-lasting relief.

The cream also contains other 100% natural ingredients, such as tea tree oil, antioxidants, and organic skin conditioning agents. It can be used on any area of your body, hydrating your skin, relieving muscle pain, and reducing inflammation. It is suitable for all skin types, and it has no side effects due to its composition that is free of chemicals, artificial colors, or fragrances.

The texture is not hard, which makes the application effortless, and the smell is neutral. Whether you have back pain, sore joints due to arthritis, sensitive skin, or other skin, muscle, bones, or joint conditions, this can be an affordable, quick relief for your pain for the long-term. It is the ideal product to help you improve the quality of your life without having to spend a fortune.

On the other hand, the small concentration of only 1,500 mg of hemp oil might not be as efficient for hard, chronic pain, but it is recommended to give it a try, nonetheless, and increase the concentration once it stops being effective. It is especially useful for skin conditions, such as excessive dryness.

Stockyfy Pros
  • Highly affordable
  • Anti-inflammatory ingredients
  • Reduces pain and swelling
  • Quick arthritis relief
  • Ideal for dry, cracked or sensitive skin
  • No side-effects
  • Quick pain relief
  • Long-term effect
Stockyfy Cons
  • Not as concentrated as other products


Overall, we recommend Haley Organics pain relief hemp oil cream with a concentration of 80,000mg for the most intense, chronic pains. It is efficient, long-lasting, and has a pleasant texture and smell. If you are looking for a lighter alternative, Stockyfy hemp cream is more affordable but equally effective in treating sore muscles and joints.

It is most recommended for people with any skin conditions, but those who want to reduce chronic arthritis pain, including grinding sensation or stiffness caused by weather change. Hemp oil is excellent in relieving your pains without any side-effects, moisturizing your skin, and providing you with a better quality lifestyle.

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